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The Installation of a Fence

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You should talk with your neighbours about building a wooden fence before starting. Talking to your neighbours will help you avoid conflict and they may even be able to tell you if anything is hidden underneath. If you are digging for the post, be sure to look out for cables or pipes. If you speak to your neighbors, you should also check with local authorities to see if there are any regulations you don’t know about.

When you confirm that you have the permission for installing the wooden Travis Fencing you will be ready to move on.

The area to be fenced must be calculated. The length and width of each post as well the dimension of the panels must be taken into consideration. If the measurements are not the same, it is necessary to reduce one of the panels. This happens a lot in gardens. But always cut your panel from the corner. When you need to cut something to make it fit in the space, compare the length of that section with the design of the fence. Some fence styles can only be partially or even completely cut.

In order to avoid any misalignment or uneven construction, it is important that you install corner posts before other posts. Then, tie some string on the corner posts. This gives a visual reference to ensure that there is no misalignment.