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It is a comprehensive list of AI Tools.

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Artificial intelligence (AI), which is changing how we work and live, has a wide range of AI tools to assist businesses and people. This range of tools, from artificial intelligence to machin learning will help you automate your tasks, improve your decision-making, and gain insight. In this article we will look at the absolute AI tool directory. A comprehensive guide of the most popular AI tools. Read more now on comparison.so.

Natural Language Processors

NLP (natural language processing) is a set of tools that help computers interpret and understand the language spoken by humans. Here is a list of popular Natural Language Processing tools.

Google Cloud Natural Language Api: This application uses machine-learning to extract information such as sentiment, entities or syntax.

Amazon Comprehend, a -based NLP tool, can extract phrases and entities from documents.

IBM Watson Language Understanding This tool is able to analyze texts for sentiments, entities, and categorisations, as well as relationships between entities.

Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning (ML) is a set of algorithms for analyzing data in order to predict or classify. Here are some popular tools for machine learning.

Google Cloud AutoML : The tool allows users without machine-learning experience to construct custom machine models.

Microsoft Azure machine learning is a cloud service that provides a variety of tools for developing, deploying and maintaining machine-learning algorithms.

The TensorFlow platform: It is commonly used to create and train machine learning models.