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The Magic Mushroom returns

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Super Mario Fans play with them. Doctors are trained to study them. Chefs all over the world use them to cook. They arrive overnight, disappear fast and leave no evidence. They are called mycologists by students from this world. The fungus can be used to treat cancer, PTSD-post-traumatic Stress disorder, and other psychological disorders. You can get the best psilocybin capsules on our place.

Mushrooms, often called toadstools by some, are fleshy bodies made of fungus and can grow above ground on soil, or on food. They live apart from the world of plants in a kingdom called Myceteae, and they do not contain chlorophyll.

Some mushrooms are able to obtain nutrients even without the use of photosynthesis. These people are known as decomposers. Another sector targets living plants to kill off and then consume them. These are known as parasites. Mycorrhizals come in both poisonous and edible varieties and are found at or near the roots tree species such as oaks, pines, and fire firs.

Mushrooms may be used by humans to do one of three functions: heal, nourish or poison. Few mushrooms are actually benign. The three most loved edible versions are the oysters, morels and chanterelles.

They are commonly used in Asian cuisine, including Japan, Korea, Japan, India and China. China is the biggest mushroom producer in the world and produces more than half of all mushrooms worldwide. The majority of the edible varieties in supermarkets today have been grown on farms. They include shiitakes, portobellos and enoki.

The use of mushrooms in Eastern medicine, particularly traditional Chinese, is a long-standing tradition. American studies began in the early 1960s looking at possible ways to stimulate the immune system or inhibit tumor growth using extracts.

Mesoamerican natives used mushrooms as ritual food for thousands of generations. Aztecs referred to mushrooms as the “flesh for the gods”, and they were used extensively in religious ceremonies all over the Americas. Ingestion rituals are depicted in cave paintings from Spain or Algeria. The use of psilocybin by Christians on both sides were investigated by Christian authorities. However, it was not discovered until Western psychiatry recovered it after World War II.