Without Respect, firefighters could soon disappear with the wind

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It’s likely that when the Yankees were in town, Atlantans wished they had firefighters who received the same wages as soldiers. It is not that I dislike police officers. However, at the current rate of pay they are earning now, a 3.5% increase for them seems more than justifiable. I find it absurd to suggest firefighters do not receive equal treatment. They risk their life every day in order to keep the public safe. There is not a single day that goes by when we do not see the police at work in some way. Firefighters, however, are the ones who often make headlines in metro sections as they take on a range blazes. If you want to maximize your earning potential and explore new opportunities as a firefighter, then you need to check out the Passive income for firefighters

Citizens should find it ridiculous that fire and police departments in similar or nearby cities are being paid much less. Franklin, who keeps our budget balanced in spite of the challenges she faces, deserves a lot of praise. In addition, I congratulate her on her accomplishments in creating reserves. Franklin has shown her ability to be able change things on her own, even with a lower budget. She is also demonstrating her strength of character by changing these situations. The goal of her 2005 budget was revealed by a look at the vetoed letter. “Making salaries of City of Atlanta Full-Time Government Employees comparable to other municipal employees”. The question I have is which 60% deserves equal pay MORE that our police officers and firefighters? This brave group of men and females is the foundation on which our city stands. Our firefighters and officers risk their lives daily to ensure our safety.